"Growing up, music was all around me..."


 Kyle's father, KC, a talented musician in his own right, would strap a pair of large, 90’s style headphones to his mother’s pregnant belly before he was born. As a toddler, Kyle was cared for by his grandmother, as his parents worked long hours.  Very musical, Kyle and his grandmother would sing songs and listen to music together.  It was on one of these occasions that he first heard the Drifters’ version of "White Christmas".  The chocolatey bass vocals of Bill Pinkney, accompanied by Clyde McPhatter’s sweet tenor, were made even sweeter by the sugar coated background vocals of The Drifters.  Kyle was hooked.

Kyle first heard The Temptations music in 2003 when he was eleven years old, by way of The Temptations mini-series. He was captured by their sound and made it a mission to collect as much Temptations music as possible. Kyle listened to, learned, and sang their music 24 hours a day. He hung their posters on his wall, drew pictures of them in sketch books, and played their albums over and over again.  The Temptations shaped and influenced Kyle's life in almost every way. He studied their steps and vocals carefully, even learning how to squall like former Temptation, the late Ali-Ollie Woodson. His first performance in front of a big live audience was, of course, “My Girl", in the 8th grade. 

A student of Doo-Wop, Motown, the Sound of Philadelphia, and everything R&B, Kyle discovered he could carry a tune at an early age. He tried to mimic the vocal stylings and “tricks” of singers he idolized, such as David Ruffin, Wilson Pickett, Levi Stubbs, Marvin Gaye, Eddie Kendricks, and Jeffrey Osborne. He sang every opportunity he had and, with the help and mentorship of his Godfather, Bruce Williamson (formerly of The Temptations), grew as a singer and performer.  Kyle was even fortunate to record on an album with the legendary Four Tops before he graduated high school.

At the urging of Temptation Terry Weeks, an Air Force Tops In Blue alumnus, Maack enlisted into the United States Air Force when he turned nineteen, and was eventually stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii.  There, he quickly made a name for himself as the “skinny white kid with soul”, while singing all over the island of Oahu.  Indicitive of his true soulful style, he also became a lead singer for his gospel choir, which was known for its gritty, exciting, southern baptist style singing.  At twenty-one, Kyle was selected to be a male vocalist on the 60th anniversary world tour of the Air Force’s prestigious entertainment unit, Tops In Blue.  Performing in over twenty countries, the eight-month tour took him, as well as the other thirty-eight air force musicians, all over the world.

Kyle and founding member Otis Williams first met at a Temptations concert in April 2006, when he was fourteen.  "I was a pretty decent sketch artist at that age and my mother sent over a drawing I had done of Otis to the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City, NJ." says Maack. "The 'Trop' scheduled a meet-and-greet with the Tempts before the show, where I found myself in awe and so speechless that my mother had to talk on my behalf.  Before I left to head to the showroom, each Temptation autographed the drawing of Otis that I had brought with me. During the show, I remember sitting in the third row and dancing in my seat when Otis noticed me singing, smiled, and pointed to me from the stage.  Naturally, I was hooked on the show and continued to go to every concert whenever I could. I lost count of how many shows I’ve been to after fifty!"

Over the next 11 years, as he continued to perform, Kyle found himself studying The Tempts for tips and guidance. The emoting, the rhythm, the foot placement, the gestures, and, of course, the voices have all inspired his stage work. "I owe everything to their music and influence upon me" says Maack.

At a show in October of 2016, Otis observed Kyle sing “Treat Her Like a Lady” during a sound check with his band. Hearing him sing note for note, and dance the exact choreography, Otis offered Kyle a recording contract. In March of 2017, Kyle joined The Temptations in the studio for a fresh take on "Treat Her Like A Lady". In May 2017, in a full circle experience, Kyle recorded a sultry version of The Temptations classic, “All I Need”, with Terry Weeks.

"I’m still as hungry as ever" says Maack, enthusiastically. "Be on the lookout for new and exciting things, because I promise I’m not going anywhere!"